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When Remodeling a Bathroom What Comes First?

When remodeling a bathroom, the first step is to make a plan that outlines the goals and objectives of the project, as well as what needs to be added, changed or removed.

Before beginning any work, it is important to establish a budget and decide whether to hire a general contractor or tackle the project as a DIY.

Once the plan is finalized, the project can begin with the removal of any existing fixtures or materials, followed by the installation of new fixtures such as a shower or tub.

Next, the flooring should be laid, followed by the drywall and painting. Throughout the process, a general contractor can oversee the project, hire subcontractors, manage the budget and ensure that the work is done correctly and efficiently. Hiring a general contractor can save time and money and ensure that the project is completed to code and within budget.


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After the drywall and painting, the next step in remodeling a bathroom is typically to install any necessary lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. This is followed by the installation of cabinets, countertops, and sinks.

Finally, the toilet is installed and the finishing touches, such as trim and accessories, are added.

Throughout the process, it is important to regularly inspect the work to ensure that everything is being done correctly and to address any issues that may arise. Once the project is complete, a final inspection should be conducted to ensure that everything is up to code and safe to use.  All of this should be handled by the general contractor.

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